Adult Faith Formation

Sunday Forum

Between services every Sunday—from 9:15 am to 10 am—parishioners and clergy lead interactive Sunday Forum sessions on wide range of spiritual topics. These include study and reflections on our scriptures, prayer, the foundations of our faith, our traditions, and how we live out God’s mission in our parish community and in our communities outside the doors. All are welcome to attend and many do. This is a great way to learn about who we are and how we live out and into our faith. See the Sunday Forum brochure or refer to our most recent newsletter for current topics.

Gospel-Based Discipleship

Gospel-Based Discipleship (GBD) is founded on the ancient practice of Lectio Divina and is similar to African Bible Study. It offers a deeply engaging way for people to come together to discern personal meaning from holy scripture. GBD is a recurring feature of our Sunday Forum and we schedule a weekly group every Wednesday morning from 11 am to noon.  For more detail, see Gospel-Based Discipleship.