Choir & Praise Group

choir2Nothing stirs the human soul like music. In it we hear the heart of love, the winds of nature, the songs of angels and the voice of God. Music has been an integral part of worship since worship began. At St. George’s, we understand the importance of music in the lives of our parishioners and seek to let as many varied voices as possible be heard in our services. Some weeks we have music with a traditional choral approach. Other weeks our services have a more contemporary feel with music provided by our praise group (guitars, piano, flute, hammered dulcimer, bass, etc.). Often we create a “blended” service combining traditional with more contemporary music.


Praise Group

What this means for people attending our services is that they get to experience a range of music that keeps our services dynamic and involving. For people who hear the call to sing or perform, we have opportunities to sing with the choir or play with the Praise Group. If you would like to join the choir or praise group, we’d love to have you. For more information, please call the church office at 952-926-1646, or contact us via email at

We invite you to sing to the Lord as a performer or as simply someone attending a service. Either way, a voice raised in praise is a joyful thing!