About St. George’s

An Ongoing Journey

Taking a journey of discovery is a core principle of the Christian life. Jesus called his disciples on the journey toward his Crucifixion, onto the miracle of his Resurrection and the glory of his Ascension. The Apostles and Disciples continued that journey of self-discovery as they founded the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. St. George’s in its own small way now continues that journey of discipleship.

St. George’s began its journey in the late 1940s. First they worshiped in a local Legion Hall. Then they moved into a Quonset hut on their property. Over the years the facilities expanded as the community expanded. In the early 1970s St. George’s hosted the first Episcopalian Cursillo Renewal Weekend. They have been a good neighbor to the St. Louis Park community. Particularly, members were instrumental in starting the St. Louis Park Emergency Program (STEP). We continue that tradition as we are involved in many community outreach programs, including Perspectives Inc..

At St. George’s, we focus our mission on worship and hospitality. We seek to provide worship which is enlightening, heartening and which will equip each person to live out their Christian Faith in their daily lives. We have a natural inclination for hospitality. We welcome the stranger. We welcome people where they are not where we think they should be. We are on a journey to discover how to worship God in spirit and truth and how to welcome fellow spiritual travelers in authentic Christian love.

And so the journey continues as we discern our dreams for the next 60 years. We welcome you to join us. Join us in prayer. Join us at the Altar. Join us in finding out what the Holy Spirit is calling us to do next.